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Visit East African tourist paradise, the home of seven world heritage sites,

Ethiopia, always has a special place in my imagination and the prospect of visiting Ethiopia attracted me more strongly than a trip  to France, England and America combined!!! Nelson Mandela

Any interested traveler to Ethiopia will have our full attention. Quality tours at affordable prices! No matter weather you are 7 or 70 years old we fix your travel plans either fixed departure brochure tours or customized tours for Individuals and Groups. We are at service to all aspects of travel industry.

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From the famous historic route to the classical and featured adventure tours to Omo valley and the active volcanic areas at Danakil and Erta' Ale

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Beyond leisurely holiday, there are many reasons to take Ethiopia as your unique travel advantage.
Ethiopia is becoming a fashion East African travel destination for its unique offer of multi experiences with in a single trip.
It is a country more than 3000years old rich history, home of the oldest hominid ever discovered in the entire world, a home of more than 83 tribes with adorable and complex multi cultures, diversity of flora and fauna inhabiting so many mammals and bird including 7 endemic mammals and 16 birds.
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.
It is a nation with a fusion of religion and culture and place where hospitality and harmony prevails.
It is the only African nation that was not colonized.
The owner of an ancient written language.
The host nation for the headquarters of the African Union and the economic commission for Africa (UNECA).
It is a relatively safe nation and remarkable travel destination. There are not too many developing countries that can boast a safety record that matches that of Ethiopia. Ethiopians are known as hospitable people with virtues and morals which are practical in daily activities. This practice is truly based on the content of character, but nonetheless the environment is a great influential factor.
A country where the old way of life still prevails. Ethiopia might seem a modern Tower of Babel! Its ethnic groups speak more than eighty distinct languages and two-hundred regional dialects.

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Glory Ethiopia highly supports humanitarian and ecological tour programs in a way that the local community can benefit and preserve the ecosystem.

Glory Tours is proud of having many awards and recommendations from Orphanage centers, Schools and hospitals on the activities so far.

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